2014 New Toyota Harrier Lexus RX

2014 New Toyota Harrier Lexus RX 1

Toyota has just announced the first fotoografije 2014 crososver Harrier SUV models, which will debitovati end of the year.
With evolutionary exterior design, next-generation Harrier gets freshened front part of a wider grill and narrow, luminous groups now elongated to the wheel arches.
Few It is well known what will be a new find in the interior but it is definitely the 2014 Harrier be more luxurious than the current model.

New Models

2014 New Toyota Harrier Lexus RX 3

Asked by operating units, and that the information is limited. However, based on the label on the back of the body, will work on the 3.5-liter V6 hybrid circuits.

2014 New Toyota Harrier Lexus RX 2

What is more important, in 2014 Harrier is actually an announcement next generation Lexus RX, because the two aforementioned models throughout history share the same fate, each on its own market.

2014 New Toyota Harrier Lexus RX 4

Luxury crossover SUV for the rest of the world will be equipped with some new features, such as LED daylight, but I design to be almost identical to the Toyota model.

2014 New Toyota Harrier Lexus RX 5

New Models

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