2014 New Toyota Corolla and Auris Turing Sports

2014 New Toyota Corolla 5

Toyota Corolla , which in some parts of the world synonymous with the name Toyota – 11th generation of the Corolla , which is produced in 16 factories and sold in more than 150 countries.
However, equally bumper to bumper with the new Corolla found the first hybrid wagon in the C segment – Auris Turing Sports.
Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car on the planet – since the 1966th Year the first generation , until today the worldwide sold 40 million Corolla.
Shinichi Yasui , chief engineer, believes that such a feat was achieved because each new generation froze philosophy that has set Tatsuo Hasegawa , chief engineer of the first-generation model, and this idea can be summarize in a sentence – Corolla brings happiness and prosperity to people around the world.

2014 New Toyota Corolla 4

2014 New Toyota Corolla 1

To recall the Corolla , the most successful models in the history of Toyota, namely hecbek versions created a new model called the Auris .
So the legendary Corolla continued its successful path only as four-door sedan with a conventional trunk and in the last part.

Auris Turing Sports 2

Auris Turing Sports 3

Toyota Corolla is 4.62 meters long , 1.775 wide and 1.465 meters high and has a wheelbase 2.7 meters.
Toyota Auris Touring Sports is 4.56 meters long , 1.76 wide and 1.46 meters high , while the wheelbase is 2.6 meters.
On the basis of size shows that the Corolla is longer and larger wheelbase of Auris TS, suggesting that the designers have bestowed a different target group than Auris TS .
Corolla is spacious comfortable sedan with a 760 mm legroom in the rear , which is the highest in the class and it can make a long trip to go over all the passengers and their luggage.
On the other hand, similar but not the same Auris Touring Sports is a sports wagon enhanced body shape , which is suitable for numerous young family, in which the driver prefers sports driving , and he needs a lot more space for the family baggage and sports equipment.
Although the Corolla and Auris has the same technical basis , what they provide completely different character and are intended to completely different customers.

2014 New Toyota Corolla 6

2014 New Toyota Corolla 9

Toyota Corolla is offered with two petrol engines and one diesel engine .
Engines are known , but they are processed and environmentally optimized .
These are the petrol engines 1:33 Dual VVT -i with 99 hp , 1.6 Valvematic with 132 hp and diesel 1.4 D -4D with 90 hp.

Auris Turing Sports 4

Auris Turing Sports 5

Sleek new Auris Touring Sports Wagon and the first hybrid wagon in the C segment, without compromising on the trunk or cargo area .
In addition to the hybrid , offers a wide range of petrol and diesel units with the lowest CO2 emissions in its class – 85 g / km and significantly lower emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx ) and soot (PM ) [ diesel cars of comparable performance ] . The luggage capacity of 1,658 liters is the largest in its class and there’s Easy Flat system ( most functional in the segment ) to fold the rear seats in one motion with a double floor trunk and rolling cover that runs in two directions.

2014 New Toyota Corolla 7

2014 New Toyota Corolla 10

Auris Turing Sports 1

Auris Turing Sports 3

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