2014 New Honda Mobilio In Jakarta

2014 New Honda Mobilio 4

Honda has unveiled a new concept Mobilia in Indonesia during the maintenance of international motor show, and this model is designed to draw attention to the new multipurpose vehicle destined for the markets of Asia.
It is characterized by a simple exterior that largely has similarities with the Accord Tourer model, while the interior is based on the Odyssey model and is characterized by seven seats.

Because this model is designed specifically to local weather conditions and roads, this multipurpose vehicle has a clearance of 185mm.

Official performance data is still there, but a representative of the company Honda says that this model is characterized by a 1.5L i-VTEC four-cylinder gasoline engine.

2014 New Honda Mobilio 2

The Honda Mobilio will be Honda’s first model to be introduced in the lower priced MPV category, which is the best-selling category in the automobile market in Indonesia. Honda developed this model based on the research conducted in Indonesia regarding local road and weather conditions, and customer needs. While offering a spacious cabin space with a three row seat configuration for seven occupants, the Honda Mobilio features a compact-sized body fitting the general size of parking spaces in Indonesia which are of less than 4.4 m in length.

2014 New Honda Mobilio 6

Moreover, taking local road surface conditions into consideration, the Honda Mobilio features a ground clearance as high as 185mm, which is equivalent to the ground clearance of SUVs while achieving nimble driving performance. Equipped with a 1.5L i-VTEC™ 4-cylinder gasoline engine, the Honda Mobilio will go on sales realizing both excellent driving performance and fuel economy. Production will be at the second plant of HPM which will become operational in January 2014 in the Karawang region of Indonesia.

2014 New Honda Mobilio 5

“The Honda Mobilio is the first model Honda has developed especially for the Indonesian market. Working closely with Honda operations here to study the unique needs of Indonesian customers, this Honda Mobilio will fulfill the dreams of Indonesian customers for an affordable family car featuring Honda’s high standard of quality. We will continue to support the expansion of Honda business in Indonesia by introducing new products that meet the needs of our Indonesian customers.”

2014 New Honda Mobilio 3

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